Our two pear trees

Pear season is officially over on our property. This morning, I ate the last fruits of our two pear trees. Of course, it really wasn’t much of a season; one tree produced exactly six pears, the other, five. When we moved here last November, we knew we had fruit trees, but we weren’t even sure what kind. I’m no pear expert, and although the tree that produced the pear on the left of the photo may be a d’anjou, that’s only a guess.

What I can say is that the fruits of both trees had very thick skin, and many had crispy flesh-colored bits near the seeds. I waited until the pears were falling-off-the-tree ripe to harvest them, but they never really got tender like those you find at the grocery store. They went straight from rock-hard to mushy and spotty in some places, while remaining quite firm elsewhere. But, I ate them and for the most part, enjoyed them. The slightlyPears crunchy flesh was usually sweet, and sweeter still for being the organic product of our own yard.

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  1. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing and also frightening how much different the fruit you grow at home looks in comparison to what you buy at the supermarket. We have an avocado tree that produced fruit for the first time this year, and despite some black spots on the skin, the flesh was perfect. The same for bananas – we used to have a stand (when we had water for the garden) and the bunches looked awful – the skin completely speckled with black and scarred, but the fruit inside was perfect.

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