Giving thanks

I don’t think that one can have a blog devoted to local food and drink and not post about Thanksgiving! After all, Thanksgiving is arguably the holiday most directly and completely tied to food. Food traditions are firmly entrenched in every holiday, but Thanksgiving really centers around the Feast as no other holiday does.

Of course, giving thanks for all our blessings and communing with family and friends are at the heart of this holiday … and sharing the bounty of the Thanksgiving table is the manifestation of those blessings. On that note, let’s dig in!

The turkey is unquestionably the centerpiece of the feast, and it’s the favorite component for many people, my husband included. I do my best not to eat factory-farmed animals, so I technically shouldn’t eat the turkey that shows up on most Thanksgiving tables. A few choice pieces of dark meat always seem to find their way onto my plate, however. 

The allure of Thanksgiving for me is probably the sheer number of dishes that are often presented. So much to choose from! Which is my favorite? I can’t make up my mind! It’s not a bad dilemma to have.

This year, Steve and I will take the dogs to my parents’ house near Lake Michigan in West Michigan, to be joined by my grandma and a Grand Haven-based branch of our large family tree. The round-up of our holiday spread is sure to be a delicious bit of writing.

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  1. I am always looking for brand-new posts in the world wide web about this matter. Thx!

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